Steve Barker

Senior Project Manager | 01260 288931

Steve joined Gladman as a Project Manager in the strategic land team in May 2014. His role includes ensuring sites are d...

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Robert Black

Senior Project Manager | 01260 288822

Robert commenced work with Gladman during February 2013. He currently looks after a portfolio of sites across the southe...

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Rachael Evans

Senior Project Manager | 01260 285641

Rachael joined Gladman Developments as a Project Manager in June 2016. Rachael is responsible for managing the outline p...

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Mike Heming

Senior Project Manager | 01260 288806

Mike joined Gladman as Project Manager in June 2006 and has worked in a number of property sectors across the group incl...

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Rachael Shepherd

Senior Project Manager | 01260 288915

Rachael joined the strategic team as a Graduate Planner in January 2013 helping to identify sustainable sites for reside...

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Mike Watson

Senior Project Manager | 01260 288922

Mike joined Gladman in May 2016, and is responsible for site appraisal and project management works prior to the acquisi...

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Joshua Cornes

Project Manager | 01260 288921

Josh joined Gladman in November 2014, originally working within the Geography Graduate Research Team and has since moved...

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Dean Fisher

Project Manager | 01260 288886

Dean joined the Gladman Group as a Project Manager in 2007. Initially employed to provide support to the commercial/indu...

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Benjamin Flenley

Project Manager | 01260 285654

Benjamin joined Gladman back in November 2016 as a graduate, finding and undertaking appraisals for sustainable developm...

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Ed Harper

Project Manager | 01260 288846

Ed joined the Gladman group in the spring of 2004 as a Project Manager and has previously worked in various roles in the...

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Mike Johnson

Project Manager | 01260 288945

Mike joined Gladman in January 2014 as a Project Manager within the Land Team with responsibility for site and due dilig...

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Sam Reed

Project Manager | 01260 285665

Sam joined Gladman in August 2017. Originally working within the Graduate Research team, he then became an Assistant Pro...

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Paul Roberts

Project Manager | 01260 288836

Paul joined Gladman in September 2007 and has worked in a number of areas across the Group including the sales, lettings...

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James Tait

Project Manager | 01260 285646

James joined Gladman in July 2016. Originally working in the Graduate Research team, he has since become a Project Manag...

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Emma Tutton

Project Manager | 01260 288948

Emma joined Gladman in January 2014.  Emma’s role includes identifying the scope of supporting information necessary ...

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Pet Twigg

Project Manager | 01260 288853

Pet joined Gladman in January 2013. Pet’s role includes identifying the scope of supporting information necessary to p...

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Neil Williams

Project Manager | 01260 285663

Neil started in the role as Assistant Project Manager at the start of May 2018 and has since progressed to Project Manag...

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Dan Evans

Special Projects Engineer | 01260 288940

Dan joined Gladman as a Special Projects Engineer in May 2018.  His role within the Special Projects team builds upon h...

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