Chris Ball

Planning Director

Chris joined Gladman in January 2017 having gained experience in public and private planning sector roles that have incl...

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Helen Ball

Planning Director | 01260 288847

Helen joined Gladman in June 2012 to assist with the identification, acquisition and promotion of strategic sites across...

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John MacKenzie

Planning & Development Director | 01260 288941

John joined Gladman in December 2013.  He is responsible for promoting land for housing development, through the planni...

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Diana Richardson

Planning Director | 01260 288980

Diana joined Gladman in June 2014 and works as part of the planning team. Her key responsibilities include site appraisa...

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Chris Still

Planning & Development Director | 01260 288932

Chris joined Gladman in January 2008. He is responsible for the promotion of land for residential development. His role ...

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Laura Tilston

Planning Director | 01260 288925

Laura joined Gladman in October 2011 to assist the strategic land team with the identification, acquisition and promotio...

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Kevin Waters

Planning & Development Director | 01260 288855

Since joining the Gladman Group in 2003, Kevin has worked across all areas of the planning and development process, in a...

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Lucy Wilson

Planning Director | 01260 288995

Lucy came to the planning profession from a previous life working with horses (she has a degree in Equine Studies and Bu...

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Stuart Carvel

Planning Manager | 01260 288809

Stuart joined Gladman in April 2013, to provide critical analysis of five year housing land supplies, monitoring and eva...

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Kate Fitzgerald

Planning Manager | 01260 541310


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Christien Lee

Planning Manager | 01260 288956

Having graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2013 with a Masters degree in Town & Regional Planning, Chris h...

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Richard Lomas

Planning Manager | 01260 288866

Richard joined Gladman in January 2018 and is responsible for managing large scale residential planning applications and...

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John Chorlton

Senior Planner | 01260 288881

John graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 with a Master’s Degree in Town and Country Planning and becam...

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Michael Dinn

Senior Planner | 01260 288 933

Michael joined Gladman as a Senior Planner in October 2018. He has an extensive Local Authority background with a partic...

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Peter Dutton

Senior Planner | 01260 288818

Peter joined the Gladman team in April 2013 to assist with the identification and promotion of strategic land, particula...

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Paul Emms

Senior Planner | 01260 288936

Paul joined Gladman in January 2012 and undertakes research projects to develop company strategy, engages in public cons...

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Neil Lewis

Senior Planner | 01260 288835

Neil joined Gladman in April 2014 and works in the planning team. His role covers all aspects of the residential plannin...

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Megan Pashley

Senior Planner | 01260 288944

Megan joined Gladman in August 2015, originally working within the Geography Graduate Research Team and has since moved...

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Holly Roberts

Senior Planner | 01260 288827

Holly joined Gladman in July 2013 as a Projects Assistant within the Land Team, where her role consisted of the monitor...

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Megan Streets

Senior Planner | 01260 288867

Megan joined Gladman in July 2013, and is currently working within a Planning Project team. Her role involves preparing ...

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Josh Ambrus

Planner | 01260 285657

Josh joined Gladman as a Graduate Planner in October 2016, having graduated with a Masters in Urban Studies and Planning...

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Adam Day

Planner | 01260 288952

Adam joined the company in March 2014. His role at Gladman enjoys a spectrum of responsibilities in relation to the prep...

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Sian Gulliver

Planner | 01260 288954

Sian began working at Gladman in March 2014. Sian enjoys a breadth of tasks and responsibilities, including: the identif...

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Anthony Heslehurst

Planner | 01260 285653

Anthony joined Gladman as a Graduate Planner in October 2016 having graduated with a Masters in Planning from the Univer...

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John Londesborough

Planner | 01260 288989

John joined Gladman in August 2014 after graduating with a Master of Planning degree from the University of Sheffield an...

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Jack Murphy

Planner | 01260 288916

Jack joined the Gladman team in July 2013. His current role involves the analysis and interpretation of planning policy ...

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Robert Wilding

Planner | 01260 288953

Rob joined Gladman in March 2014 after graduating from the University of Liverpool with a masters degree in Town and Reg...

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Joel Patton

Assistant Planner | 01260 285687


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