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  • Jul 2019

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Government’s housing deals facing an uncertain future

As part of the government’s strategy to boost housing delivery across the country last year MHCLG published housing growth deals between central government and four parts of the country. These deals would enable access to funding in return for higher rates of housing delivery. However, these four deals have experienced difficulties and the future of the programme looks uncertain.


New daylight standards impact on planning

Daylight is a factor in planning applications that is frequently appearing as a point of dispute, particularly as the health and wellbeing dimension of buildings is topical. As a response, the British Standards Institution (BSI) has published a new standard for the provision of daylight in new buildings.


PPG updates consider housing for older people

The Government has published updates to the Planning Practice Guidance (“PPG”) to guide Councils in preparing planning policies on housing for older and disabled people. As has been recognised nationally for some time, the PPG changes recognise that the need to provide housing for older people is critical.

FPCR Masterplan

Road projects in Surrey and Cornwall granted £142m to unlock 8,500 homes

Two Housing Infrastructure Fund grants totalling £142 million are set to help deliver 8,500 new homes the government has announced.


New Uttlesford party find they can’t please all the people all the time

The Uttlesford EiP opened in the first week of July to an encounter between the strict arbiters of planning guidance and what to make of local realpolitik.