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  • May 2019

The Source

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Developers Warned of Wildlife Impact

Developers warned of wildlife impact

Developers are being warned by the Secretary of State for Housing, James Brokenshire, that action will be taken against those who are ignoring their obligations to consider the impact of a project on local wildlife and protect their habitats.

Local Plan's Update

Local plans updates

Inspector Jonathan Bore has backed Guildford Borough Council’s plan which proposes three major site allocations in the green belt to provide for a total of 5,200 homes, along with further green belt land to be developed around “selected villages”.

Doubt cast on council’s housing need and land supply positions following new affordability data

Earlier this month, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published annual figures on affordability which showed the cost of homes relative to incomes and England and Wales flatlined last year.

Legal challenges may not be mitigated against by Brokenshire’s revisal of call-in strategy

Housing secretary James Brokenshire announced at the end of March that the government is withdrawing a pledge it made in 2001 to give reasons for calling in planning applications or for not doing so.