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  • Apr 2019

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Local Plan withdrawn to reduce housing numbers

In February 2019 East Cambridgeshire Council decided to withdraw their emerging local plan during mid‐examination. The reason cited by the council was the unreasonable modifications recommended by the Examining Inspector in order to make the plan sound.


North-South divide becomes a gaping yaaaawn

The end of March saw the ONS release the 2018 affordability ratios at authority level: Housing Affordability in England and Wales 2018.


Warehousing space needed to support housing growth

A report commissioned by the British Property Federation (BPF) has set how much warehouse space is needed if the government hopes to meet its target of delivering 300,000 additional homes per year.


Guidance revisions could help councils agree lower housing targets

Last month, the housing ministry published new Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) detailing the final version of the government’s standard method for calculating housing need. 

Rise in housebuilding does not meet government targets

Over the last year, 57% of housebuilders increased the speed at which they built new homes. McBains commissioned the data consultancy VIGA to conduct primary analysis of over 400 housebuilders in the country.

Planning Scotland_500x500

Decision times speeding up, but Scotland’s Councils still off the mark

The Scottish Government has published the Planning Performance Statistics for the first 6 months (April to September) of 2018/19 showing decision times for major housing applications are decreasing.