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  • Feb 2019

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Guest Editorial
Standard Method, The Story So Far…

Sometimes, the issues we must grapple with are so complicated, it is impossible to simplify them. The standard method story suggests that working out how many homes to build locally is one such issue. As the proverb says, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and the standard method is replete with good intentions.

Firstly, a desire to speed up plan making, to reduce debate over – shed light on and banish – the ‘dark art’ of full objectively assessed housing need.  To keep it simple.


Consultation On Whether To Reduce Green Belt Release In Leeds

Two Planning Inspectors have indicated that the Site Allocations Plan is sound, although they suggested that a handful of green belt sites should not be released – similar to their neighbours over the Pennines.

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Greater Manchester Framework Reduces Housing Targets and Halves Green Belt Loss

The original GMSF was published back in 2016, identifying sites for 227,000 homes and planning to create 20,000 jobs by 2035. Numerous green belt sites were allocated in the framework to deliver these houses including land at Pilsworth, Carrington, Cheadle Hulme and Ashton Moss.

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Tandridge District Council Approval Plan To Beat Government Deadline

Tandridge District Council have agreed a controversial plan to create a new garden community and only meet half of the authority’s Objectively Assessed Housing Need.