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  • Nov 2018

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Guest Editorial
The changing face of travel plans

Sustainability is becoming a greater concern in all aspects of our lives, but with the recently updated NPPF (July 2018) reiterating the need for developments to be in locations that are or can be made sustainable, the role of effective and innovative travel planning is becoming critical to success.

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Raynsford Review final report released

Planning 2020, the final report of the Raynsford review, headed by the former housing and Planning Minister Nick Raynsford was issued in November.

Lichfields supplement Letwin’s report

The Government’s main focus – aside from Brexit – is how to deliver 300,000 new homes per year nationwide. Subsequently the focus of Sir Oliver Letwin’s recent report is why large-scale housing sites do not build out fast enough and what can be done to improve the efficiency and speed of build-out.

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Government’s new commission to construct ‘beautiful’ homes

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire has set up a new commission chaired by Sir Roger Scruton that will promote and enhance the use of ‘beautiful buildings’ as part of the government’s drive to build 300,000 new homes per year.


Brexit divide playing out in housing markets

Britain’s departure from the European Union on 29th March 2019 continues to dominate the news agenda and it is indeed true that the implications of the controversial referendum continue to hold sway over the housing market.

Recent Appeal Decisions in Scotland

The planning appeal system in Scotland has recently been repeatedly dismissing applications for major residential developments (50+ units). In each case, detailed below, the Reporter identifies and/or agrees with the appellants’ argument that there is a shortfall in the 5 year effective housing land supply.