• Issue 41

  • Oct 2018

The Source

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Guest Editorial
There are Lies, Damned Lies and Household Projections

The intentions of Government when it decided to change the way housing needs were calculated in the English planning system were laudable. The Housing White Paper spoke of creating a simpler system, where local authority officers and residents alike could easily understand the way housing numbers were generated in their area.


Woolpit Decision: The First Appeal to Consider Five-year Supply Provisions of the Revised NPPF

The Woolpit appeal on the 29th September 2018 was ground-breaking insofar that it was the first time that the revised NPPF’s conditions on five-year supply were considered in detail on a development proposal by the Planning Inspectorate. An Inspector allowed an appeal against Mid Suffolk for 49 dwellings in Woolpit.


Party Conference Results in a Boost to Local Authority Housebuilding

On the final day of the Conservative Party Conference the prime minister announced that the cap on local authority borrowing is to be scrapped which will bring a boost to housebuilding. The cap on borrowing was identified by the prime minister as “still holding many of them back” despite a number of existing initiatives aimed at helping local authorities to contribute to the housing supply.


Extended Summer of Local Successes

Here at Gladman, we have had an extended summer of local successes. Whilst Gladman’s appeal decisions have been as successful as ever, our local wins approval rate has soared with no less than 52% of sites having their day in the sun and being approved at planning committee, after engaging the hearts of the public and winning over minds at the councils.

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Errors in Graduate Migration Estimates in Latest Projections

Last month saw downward revisions to the official projections of new household formation upon which the standard method is partly based, slashing the calculated housing need in many authorities.


Back to the Future – The Return of Regional Planning?

Are we seeing a return to regional planning? The government is currently pushing forward with Local Government reorganisations; strengthening the Duty-to Cooperate requirement for local authorities; and we are 12 months into the tenures of the six Metro Mayors elected following devolution of powers to the regions.