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  • Sep 2018

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Guest Editorial

Clarifying the Proper Use of Planning Conditions and s. 106 Planning Obligations

Various aspects of the proper use of planning conditions and s. 106 planning obligations have been considered by the courts during the past twelve months. In particular, the courts have analysed (i) whether a local planning authority may lawfully impose a planning condition that prevents development from coming forward until CIL-funded infrastructure has been provided, even if that is not within the power of the applicant.

2016-based household projections for England

The Office for National Statistics have published the 2016-based household projections, having taken over the responsibility from MHCLG.

Government Causing Council Concerns by Pushing Oxbridge Corridor Delivery

Last Winter, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) set out their vision for how the Oxford to Cambridge corridor was going to be developed. The NIC report, ‘Partnering for Prosperity’ proposed creation of an expressway and the East-West rail link between the two cities, alongside the substantial target of one million new homes by 2050.

Landowners Will Always Seek Higher Value Based on Hope

The HCLG Committee has published its report into land value capture, exploring the options for local and national government to realise a greater share of the uplift in land value when residential planning permission is achieved.

Concerns Over Under-delivery as Councils Propose Staged Housing Requirements

A growing number of local planning authorities are producing local plans proposing housing targets on a phased trajectory, where annual completions increase at fixed points over the plan period.  Some in the development community fear that the trend could make under-delivery of homes more likely.

Strategic Housing Land_500x500

Strategic Housing Land in Central Scotland

With the publication of two Strategic Development Plans (SDPS): SESplan (South East Scotland) Examination Report in July 2018, and, the adoption of Clydeplan (Glasgow City Region) in July 2017, this review highlights what key implications both SDPs will have on the future of strategic land across central and south east Scotland. Particular attention is focussed on housing supply targets (HSTs).

Upcoming this Autumn_500x500

Upcoming this Autumn

Housing Delivery Test

The housing delivery test for planning authorities is set to be implemented the day following the publication of the housing delivery test results in November 2018. The government have also published a rulebook setting out how to calculate the test.