• Issue 39

  • Aug 2018

The Source

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Guest Editorial

Valued Landscapes – A Legal Perspective

Valued landscapes” have become a frequent and significant feature in planning decision making since the advent of the original National Planning Policy Framework (“NPPF1”) in 2012. It has become an issue which has been canvassed with greater force by some authorities and objectors who contended that any such designation would have a material bearing on the outcome of any decision on any given proposal, particularly as it was suggested that the “tilted balance” in favour of sustainable development would not be engaged if a development proposal affected a valued landscape.


McCarthy & Stone Suggest Elderly Can Unlock Housing Crisis

McCarthy & Stone’s latest research reveals that older and younger generations have similar opinions regarding homes for the ageing population. 60% of younger people surveyed suggested that the UK should build more homes for later in life, while 70% of pensioners said there should be a greater focus on improving housing for the elderly.


MHCLF Attempts To Clarify Usage Of Standardised Methodology

A Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government spokesperson has announced that councils should immediately start using the government’s new standard method for assessing housing need when determining applications.

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“Difficult Conversations” Needed Over Green Belt Homes

The government may have to face difficult conversations with core constituency support about where we build on green fields and the need for green belt homes. Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned the Tories they must accept more building on the green belt where available land could not be demonstrated to have specific aesthetic value.