• Issue 35

  • Apr 2018

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Guest Editorial                          Driverless Technology and Highway Design

On 18th March 2018 the first known pedestrian fatality occurred involving a driverless vehicle, almost 122 years after Bridget Driscoll was unfortunate enough to be recognised as the first pedestrian to be killed by a motor vehicle (Mary Ward was killed by a steam powered car in 1869, but she was a passenger). Mrs Driscoll’s tragic demise didn’t put a stop to the advance of the motor vehicle and it seems unlikely that this recent tragedy will prevent the advancement of driverless technology.


Cotswold District Council have resolved to approve the proposals for a 2,350 home community on the edge of Cirencester, on land controlled by the Bathurst Estate. This new planned community has been identified as a potential strategic site in the emerging Local Plan in order to meet a large proportion of the council’s housing need and enable Cirencester to grow.


Ambiguity Surrounding Shortfalls Following Proposed Changes to the PPG

Following on from the government’s Housing White Paper, ‘Fixing Our Broken Housing Market’, in February 2017, the government has published its revised draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). This was accompanied by various supporting documents including a supplementary draft Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) for viability and a Housing Delivery Test ‘Draft Measurement Book’.

Is the Right to Buy Scheme Exclusionary or Inclusionary?

The MHCLG has released the latest statistics that make worrying reading about the quantum of affordable housing available to accommodate those who need it. Whilst 19% fewer homes were sold under the Right to Buy scheme in the third quarter of 2017/18 than the same time in 2016/17, the receipt per dwelling remained consistent at £84,000, leading to fears that the government is not achieving value for money sufficient to replace the affordable stock lost to the open market.


RTPI Report Sceptical about Automatic Permission

A report published by the RTPI has suggested that there would only be a limited impact on housing supply if allocations in Local Plans were granted automatic permissions. The report titled ‘Planning Risk and Development’ explored the impacts of planning risk, a term used to describe a range of impacts that can become major development costs and be a barrier to securing finance. The majority of the impacts do not relate to the granting of planning permission.


Viability Shake-up in Draft Guidance Revisions

Proposals requiring local planning authorities to undertake assessments of the viability of their draft policies, including those relating to planning contributions, is set out in the emerging guidance. Rather than assessing viability on a site-by-site basis, the guidance suggests that the exercise is undertaken based on a range of development typologies, essentially grouping proposals together, except in the case of strategic development sites.