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  • Mar 2018

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Guest Editorial
NPPF Consultation Revisions

What are the implications of the suggested revisions to the NPPF for the masterplanning and environmental assessment and design aspects of the development industry? As I have been at the sharp end of the debates about interpretation of the current document at multiple public inquiries, (my very dog eared 2012 copy is heavily annotated with barristers’ comments and judgments) I thought it worth sharing my initial reactions.


Action Plans Amongst Key Measures in the Draft PPG

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government published draft national planning practice guidance (PPG) to supplement consultation on the draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Here is a summary of some of the key measures outlined in the update:-

Interim Update of Letwin’s Review of Housing Buildout

Sir Oliver Letwin has provided an interim update on his review of housing buildout in a letter sent to the Chancellor and Secretary of State produced to inform the Spring Statement. Whilst Sir Oliver’s team is still working on its analysis of ‘the problem’, his preliminary findings have provided a clear indication of the primary focus and with a report of his findings is due to be published in June for comment by ‘interested parties and experts’.


“Nimby” Councils will Lose Planning Powers to PINS

The Housing secretary, Sajid Javid has said that the Planning Inspectorate will take over from failing “Nimby” Local Authorities to decide where new homes are built. Councils that undersupply against their new targets derived from the Government’s standard assessment would be denied the right to decide planning applications.


Local Plan Intervention in Castle Point, Wirral and Thanet

Housing secretary Sajid Javid has revealed that three councils will now face central government intervention in their local plan-making process, with Castle Point, Wirral and Thanet receiving letters from the Mr Javid last week.


The North Loses Housing Infrastructure Funding

The Housing Infrastructure Fund set up by the government, offers around £866m worth of funding towards key local infrastructure projects. These are projects essential for the building of new homes, such as the creation of new roads, cycle paths, flood defences and land remediation work.