• Issue 32

  • Jan 2018

The Source

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Tadacster flooding

Guest Editorial
The Challenge of Deliverable Developments

Looking back over 2017 and 2016 there have been several changes in hydrology and drainage. We have seen the Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA) getting to grips with their new powers for approving drainage aspects of planning applications.


The Impact of Brexit on the Housing Industry’s Labour Pool

DCLG have recently stated that they wish to increase annual house building targets in England in order to achieve an all-time high of 300,000 houses per annum. This target may be under threat due to Brexit. A recent study by the Home Builders Federation revealed that 19.7% of workers on the sites surveyed are “non UK” and are likely to be hit by Brexit negotiations and deals.


Brownfield Land Alone is Not Sufficient to Tackle the Housing Crisis

Brownfield land alone cannot be the solution to the housing crisis according to The Gracechurch Group; sponsors of a new report: ‘Brownfield: The housing crisis solved?’

Golden Field

Landowners Reap Benefits of Soaring Land Prices

The UK’s wealth rose by £803bn, standing at £9.8tn at the end of 2016. According to the Office for National Statistics, this has been driven by a sharp increase in the value of land, contributing to the largest annual rise since records began in 1995. The value of land increased five-fold over that period, outstripping the increase in the worth of properties overlaying it.


Judgment on Legal Challenge to Written Ministerial Statement

In December 2016, Gavin Barwell, the then Minister of State for Housing and Planning and for London, released a Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) on Neighbourhood Planning, declaring that relevant policies for the supply of housing in a neighbourhood plan should not be deemed out of date under NPPF paragraph 49 if the Local Planning Authority could demonstrate a three-year housing land supply, rather than five.

Mad Houses

A Compendium of Housing Market Absurdities

There may soon be one less artificial construct curbing housebuilding. One of the Chancellor’s announcements in the November budget made an explicit pledge to allow some councils with “high affordability pressure” to borrow a share of £1 billion on housing revenue accounts.