• Issue 40

  • Sep 2018

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Housing Delivery Test

The housing delivery test for planning authorities is set to be implemented the day following the publication of the housing delivery test results in November 2018. The government have also published a rulebook setting out how to calculate the test.

This new housing delivery test will mean that through footnote 7 of the revised NPPF the presumption in favour of sustainable development will be triggered where the housing delivery test results indicate that delivery was below 25% of housing required over the previous three years. This figure is set to increase to 45% for the November 2019 test and 75% for the November 2020 test.

Planning Practice Guidance Review

Following the revision of the MNPPF the government has stated that it will review national planning guidance, which is expected to occur over the next few months. The review intends to provide additional details on various aspects of implementing the revised framework.

Letwin review of housing build-out

The draft report and analysis of the Build Out Review, chaired by Sir Oliver Letwin aims to address the gap between the amount of land allocated for housing and the number of housing completions. The final report of the review and its accompanying recommendations are expected to be produced ahead of the Autumn Budget 2018 (expected in November).

Housing Deals

The first housing deal, where central government offer support to local areas in return for housing delivery promises, has been agreed with Oxfordshire County signing an agreement to plan for 100,000 new homes by 2031, in exchange for the government implementing a temporary flexibility in the housing land supply requirements applying to Local Planning Authorities in Oxfordshire, reducing the supply from a 5-year to a 3-year requirement.

New Garden Towns and Villages

On the 15th August 2018 the government released a prospectus for the latest round of Garden communities. The document sets out the requirements for these settlements, with a deadline for submissions by 9th November 2018.

Review of public inquiries

In March the government launched a review of the planning appeal inquiries process in order to reduce the time taken to determine inquiry appeals. The deadline for evidence to be submitted was the 18th September and the final report is expected to be produced by the end of the year.

Developer Contributions

In spring 2018, a consultation was held on the future of developer contributions which included the removal of pooling restrictions for section 106 receipts where a CIL is in place. No specific time has been given for when and how these measures would be taken forward it is anticipated that it may be announced alongside the Autumn Budget.