• Issue 45

  • Mar 2019

The Source

Oxfordshire County-wide Plan Spatial Options Outlined by Local Authorities

A consultation document has been published by Oxfordshire authorities that highlights a range of possibilities for the emerging joint spatial plan for the county.

The consultation document states that the emerging plan will play a more strategic role for the area by identifying spatial scenarios, rather than allocating sites – save for at the request of a local authority.

The interest of stakeholders particularly revolves around the Oxford-Cambridge growth corridor, where the Government highlighted last year that at least 1 million new homes may be built. The corridor will be analysed in detail, with the current consultation document identifying the project as a challenge for relevant authorities in preparing the joint plan.

In addition, the document identifies other major infrastructure projects that will influence the direction of the plan. The corridor includes plans for the east-west rail line, and the prospect of a South East Strategic Reservoir that Thames Water have attempted previously.

Under the terms of the £150m growth deal that the six Oxfordshire local authorities agreed to, the joint plan (covering up to 2050) must be produced by 2021, explaining how they intend to meet their commitment to deliver 100,000 homes.

The consultation runs until 25th March 2019.