• Issue 37

  • Jun 2018

The Source

New Settlements Helping to Solve the Housing Crisis

The deputy director for Land and Housing Delivery at the MHCLG, John McManus, has highlighted the increasing contribution of New Settlements to rectifying the current housing crisis. McManus recently spoke at the Town and Country Planning Association’s (TCPA) ‘Making Garden Communities Great Communities’, emphasising their ability to drive up numbers, deliver holistic plans by creating communities that are “rooted in the garden city principles”.

McManus went on to mention the £5 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund, which will help to put the physical and social infrastructure need to support garden communities in place and “sets the future tone for dialogue on garden cities”.

Despite this commitment to new settlements there is a lack of reference to the garden city principles in the revised National Planning Policy Framework. McManus however, noted that this does not “diminish our commitment to garden communities” going on to say “we are very clear that garden communities are vital to delivering the supply the country needs”.

This commitment from Central Government comes at the same time that the TCPA’s recent report “Building Successful New communities: Lessons from the TCPA’s New Communities Group” identifies the importance of Political and corporate leadership for the success of new communities, without this leadership Kate Henderson, the TCPA’s chief executive states, “you cannot get high quality new communities”.