• Issue 47

  • May 2019

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Local plans updatesLocal Plan's Update

Inspector Jonathan Bore has backed Guildford Borough Council’s plan which proposes three major site allocations in the green belt to provide for a total of 5,200 homes, along with further green belt land to be developed around “selected villages”.

The allocations supported in the inspector’s report include 1,500 homes on 78 hectares at Blackhill Farm 2,000 homes on 96 hectares at the former Wisley airfield along with1,700 homes on 89 hectares at Gosden Hill Farm.

Guildford Borough Council wrote to inspector Jonathan Bore last October to advise it was withdrawing its proposed main modifications to the document that included the allocation of four green belt sites and increased housing delivery in the early years of its local plan. The inspector accepted the council’s argument that the Office for National Statistics’ 2016-based household projections justified a lower housing figure than initially proposed.

Meanwhile, Warrington Borough Council is consulting on a submission draft local plan that proposes the delivery of 18,900 new homes, or 945 a year, up until 2037. This includes 7,064 homes on green belt land. The council is further proposing to release around 213 hectares of green belt land for employment uses.

The proposed green belt releases and site allocations include a garden suburb to the south-east of Warrington, where 4,200 homes are expected to be built. Other green belt allocations are proposed in the form of a 1,600-home urban extension to the south-west of the town and “incremental growth” of around 1,100 homes around outlying settlements.

A number of plans across the country have been presented to their respective cabinets and now form part of their area’s development plans.

Milton Keynes adopted its local plan on 20 March. Plan:MK sets out how 26,500 homes will be delivered by 2031. Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon Councils voted to adopt a joint local plan at separate meetings held at the end of March. The Plymouth and South West Devon Local Plan includes a target for delivery of 26,700 homes between 2014 and 2034. Boston, South Holland and Lincolnshire Councils adopted a joint local plan on 8 March. The South East Lincolnshire Plan makes provision for the delivery of 19,425 homes between 2011 and 2036. East Suffolk Council adopted the Waveney Local Plan on 20 March. The plan covers the area formerly administered by Waveney District Council and plans for 9,235 homes between 2014 and 2036.

In other news, South Oxfordshire District Council submitted its local plan for examination. The plan proposes a target of 22,775 homes to be delivered between 2011 and 2034. St Albans District Council has also submitted its local plan for examination. The plan proposes delivery of 14,608 homes between 2020 and 2036.