• Issue 44

  • Feb 2019

The Source

Consultation On Whether To Reduce Green Belt Release In Leeds After Planning Inspectors Suggestion

Two Planning Inspectors have indicated that the Site Allocations Plan is sound, although they suggested that a handful of green belt sites should not be released – similar to their neighbours over the Pennines.

The SAP identifies locations for new housing and development in the city; indeed, the Core Strategy evidence base established an ambitious housing requirement of approximately 70,000 net homes between 2012 and 2028.

The Inspectors considered the plan and its employment, green space and retail allocations are appropriate and concluded that it is “sound”. They accepted the council’s overall direction for housing and suggested that the council review the Plan by no later than 2023.

The consultation which runs until the 26th February, will decide whether 33 locations should become ‘broad locations’ which would essentially safeguard the land until the council deem it appropriate for their release. If this is implemented, it is likely that the housing requirement could alter to 47,352 from 2017-2033.

Find the table of these sites here.