• Issue 36

  • May 2018

The Source

350,000 Planning Approvals Granted in 2017

The last housing pipeline report from the HBF and Glenigan has discovered that planning permissions were granted for over 350,000 new homes in 2017, demonstrating a clear commitment from housebuilders to deliver the new homes needed.

Housing supply is up by 74% in the past four years, and over 217,000 new homes were completed last year, meaning that the industry is on track to deliver the government’s housing target of 1 million homes between 2015-2020. However, at the 2017 Budget, Chancellor Phillip Hammond suggested 300,000 homes should be the annual target.

Steward Basely, Executive Chairman at the HBF, says ‘The record number of applications being submitted and approved is a clear demonstration of the industry’s commitment to ramping up housing supply even further than the unprecedented increases of the last four years. To build more homes, more land needs to come through the planning system more quickly, and to encompass a broader range of sites.’

The HBF emphasise that not all the permissions are at a stage where construction can begin. They say that one of the challenges facing the government as it revives the National Planning Policy Framework is reducing the time it takes to get a development scheme from the outline planning permission to a stage where construction can begin.