• Issue 19

  • Dec 2016

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Government Looks for Housebuilding Alternatives

After a government-commissioned review declared that the UK construction industry must “modernise or die”, the government are looking at alternatives to the traditional housebuilding model to meet the rising housing need. One of these alternatives is modular, factory built, ready-made homes. The last time England utilised modular housing was in the aftermath of World War Two. They were built to provide a stop gap to provide much needed housing, but usually of low quality and only intended for temporary use.

Today’s modular housing will be very different; the technology used has advanced, the houses will be sustainable, efficiently built and, most importantly, more affordable than traditional brick, providing a possible route for first time buyers. The modules can be combined to create a number of forms; they can create stand-alone homes, terraces or even a low-rise block of flats.

There are currently a limited number of companies, such as Huf Haus, who are making modular homes. These are primarily expensive, one-off properties that are far beyond the financial reach of many. However, this is changing as an increasing number of British businesses are getting involved. Legal and General Homes (L&G) are one such company, believing that modular homes are the way forward. They emphasise that their ready-made homes will be built in controlled factory conditions by a fully trained and highly skilled labour group, using carefully selected materials and components, ensuring quality in every single one of their houses compared to those built on-site by hand.

The government are expecting modular homes to provide over 100,000 ready-made homes to help meet their targets. These modular homes will never be the sole solution to the housing crisis currently being faced, but they may help to diversify the market and provide an alternative to the traditional. Only time will tell.

The Source

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